Verification document management. 

You can now request verification documents as part of the TenantMagic program.

For Accept, Conditional or Pending decisions, you can request the applicant(s) provide additional documents, such as pay stubs, bank statements, photo IDs, etc. To do that, click on "Yes" below and then enter the required documents in the comments section below.

Each applicant will be emailed a link that allows them to upload documents to us. Upon receipt, we will email you a link with which will allow you view and/or download those documents.

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See the new process in action.

There is no charge to you for this new feature.

We email your decision and this document request to the applicant. It contains a link to upload the required documents.

When the applicant upload the documents, you are contacted via email. That email contains a secure link to the where the applicant’s documents are stored. You can view and download those documents for your files.

Do you have further questions about our new document management?
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