Rental Applicants Screened the easy way. 

This is how our background check process works for you.

TenantMagic’s customer service answers applicants’ questions and provides assistance with the online application. Additionally, TenantMagic sends reminders to applicants or co-applicants that have not fully completed their applications.

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TenantMagic's background check & screening process:

  • The applicant receives an email with a personalized link from the landlord, property manager or agent.
  • They complete and pay for the application.
  • Within minutes after completion, TenantMagic notifies you that the application is finished.
  • You get secure access to the signed applications, a credit recommendation along with complete credit, criminal background and eviction reports.
  • Real estate agents and property managers can then enter the owner’s name and email address which sends an email to the owner who can then log into TenantMagic to view the completed application and screening report.

Do you have further questions about screening a rental applicant?
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